Building one’s own canoe can be extremely fulfilling.  If you have ever thought about building your own canoe or kayak, you know there are many different methods.  You can go with one of the simplest approaches and build one out of plywood.  You can build a very traditional wood strip boat which can be extremely beautiful.  Or you can try your hand at a composite boat made with varying layers of fiberglass, Kevlar, and carbon fiber. 

I have collected some good online resources and put them into one location below.  By reviewing the below, you can decide better which boat building method is the right one for you, your paddling style, and your wallet.

Commercial Websites that sell boat plans, kits, instructions, and gear: - An excellent site full of resources for building a cedar strip boat. - Chesapeake Light Craft website.  They have built a great reputation for amateur and professional builders with boat plans, boat kits, and accessories. - Northwoods Canoes is also a great resource for building your own boat. - Another great resource on boat building. – A well-explained approach to putting slidding seats in your boat.

DIY Plywood Canoe Resources: - I like this one because it is extremely simple.  You can take what you learn from this one and then expand on it.  It is about as basic as you can get, but it could be the perfect “starter boat” to work out the kinks of boat building. – A 2.5 minute youtube video of the same instruction. – I like this example too because it goes into a bit more detail on the gunnels, thwarts, and breasthooks.  Nice tip with using a big PVC pipe as gunnal clamps. – This link does a good job of explainin in writing how to make a scarf joint – important if you want to make a plywood boat longer than 8-10 feet.  This guy also is making a kayak (which in this example, is basically a canoe with a deck on it.  So what is the difference between a canoe and a kayak?  Click here for that answer. - Free plans for a plywood canoe.

DIY Cedar Strip Canoe Resources: - A decent summary of building a cedar strip canoe with small pictures. – A very nice time lapse video (6.5 minutes) of a cedar strip build. - Interesting take on using a home built “steamer” to bend ribs (2.5 minutes) - Here is a nice article written by “Skip Johnson” of Houston Texas that revolves around building his 6-man boat.

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