Freedom Race

Missouri River Freedom Race

100km Race
Lamine (De Bourgmont Access) to Jefferson City
Race Start 9:00am
(See home page for date)

The Missouri River Freedom Race is a 100 km / 63 mile canoe and kayak race on the Missouri River that will challenge even the toughest of competitors. Racers must battle heat, humidity, and unrelenting headwinds as they make their way from Lamine to Jefferson City. Though the price paid by pain is worth it for the beautiful scenery and an excellent post-race ceremony at the finish line.

The finish line will be at the late Joe Wilson’s Serenity Point (literally touching the Noren boat ramp) in Jefferson City, the state capital of Missouri, which affords a beautiful view of the capital building. There will be a free post-race meal for all racers at the awards ceremony, prizes, and a raffle.

As the unofficial "prelim" to the MR340, the Missouri River Freedom Race is the perfect race at just the right time in relation to the "big dance". You will race on an important leg of the race, and experience the brutal headwinds of "Manitou Alley".

You'll get the chance to see some key MR340 checkpoints such as Katfish Katy's and Noren. Your ground crew will be able to scope out important access points such as Booneville, Cooper's Landing, and Marion.

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