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Ladsurfski Paddle Sports offers Epic Kayaks and Paddles, PaddleONE ergometers, Lasso Security Locking Cables, Konza SUP, Thetis Paddles and Riverhawk OC1.

Ron Ladzinski can give you the advice you need while letting you "try before you buy" with his demo fleet.

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As a child, I recall the enjoyment of paddling in our family canoe. My parents would take my sister and I on such waterways as the Fox River in Illinois, the Raritan River and Delaware & Raritan Canal in New Jersey as well as the Elkhorn and Platte Rivers in Nebraska.

Fast forward to 1999 when, after purchasing my first kayak while in my early 30’s, I found myself dreaming of which waterways I might again be paddling. There were many day trips on local waterways exploring areas that seemed off limits to those whom were merely "land locked" without boat and paddle.

In 2004, I purchased my first surfski (quite possibly the first Kansan to own one) and I crossed over into fitness paddling. After being totally disenchanted with the lack of fitness paddlers and races here in the KC, I looked elsewhere for races. I successfully completed my first two paddling races in that year, one in Minnesota and one in California, however, those were too long of distances to travel solely for paddlesport races. Thus, it was pretty much lonesome training for the next several years until races started springing up here in the Midwest after the inaugural MR340. To my amazement and delight, the Midwest paddling fever had begun with individuals from all across the Show Me State, and a few of us here in the Land of Ahhs, uniting on the local waterways while swapping stories and tips regarding equipment and training.

Ironically, Scott Mansker’s daughter and my eldest daughter were both in the same Girl Scout Troop throughout elementary school however, unbeknownst to me, I hadn't a clue about Scott’s passion for the river, the RiverMiles website, nor his inception of the MR340 until after read about it in the KC Star.

My love for the sport has allowed me to take it a step further and become a PaddleONE dealer/rep in 2008 in an effort to promote dryland training during the off-season. In 2010, I became an authorized Epic Expert for Epic Kayaks spreading the good word about surf skis and wing paddles from the brand I most enjoy and trust.

I am looking forward to the 2015 season and am elated to see others who share the same passion and dedication needed to grow this pure “silent sport” here in the Midwest.

Ron Ladzinski

Authorized Epic Expert | Authorized PaddleONE Ergometer Dealer

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