MPR Suppliers

So you've been thinking it's time to take the leap and get some gear and try your hand at kayak or canoe racing?  These local suppliers not only can get you the goods, they can give you the low-down on tips and tricks that even veterans would do well to listen to. Give them a call anytime, they are true ambassedors to the sport:

Ron Ladzinski, (a.k.a. "Ladsurfski") is the Midwest "Epic Expert" promoting Epic Kayaks and Paddles as well as a dealer for PaddleOne Ergometers. Ron enjoys oil painting and is an avid fitness paddler and former competitive boxer, cyclist and triathlete.  See more on the Ladsurfski Page.

While not dedicated solely to the midwest, this is one solid list of classified links geared toward paddling. If I could write an algorithm to create a search function that covers all of them at the same time I would. But I'd rather spend my time paddling... In the meantime, you can click on each one looking for that special boat...Don't kid yourself...You know you will.
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